Frequently Asked Questions

Is affiliated with Arctic Spas or any other hot tub manufacturers?

No, and its products are not affiliated, endorsed, or approved by Arctic Spas or any other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Our filter adapter is an aftermarket product designed to be compatible with Custom Series 2020+ Models. Please visit our disclaimer page for more information.

What models of Arctic Spas is this adapter compatible with?

This adapter kit works with all 2020+ custom series hot tubs.

These models include:

  • Summit XL
  • Summit
  • Tundra
  • Ocean
  • Kodiak
  • Klondiker
  • Frontier
  • Yukon
  • Cub
  • Arctic Fox
  • Ocean
  • Okanagan

To view the above hot tub specifications, please click here.

What’s the difference between the v3 and v2 adapter kits?

The biggest differences are:

  • V3 allows use of your stock pro filter skimmer covers
  • V3 requires a new filter type (Unicel T-380)
  • V3 requires 2 filters per adapter

The downside of the V3 is:

  • Filter Costs – as it requires 2 T-380 filters per adapter as opposed to just one Type A.

Can my existing pro filter skimmer covers slip over the Unicel T-380 filters (v3 Adapter Kit)?

Yes! – Our newest v3 spa filter adapter kit will allow you to place your skimmer covers on top of the filters.

Can my existing pro filter skimmer covers slip over the Type A filters (v2 Adapter Kit)?

No. 🙁 – The Type A filters are slightly too wide to utilize your existing skimmer covers. Not to worry though. Any surface debris gets sucked down just fine into the filter pleats. Be sure to rinse your filters after heavy use or weekly. If you want to utilize your existing skimmer covers, please consider purchasing or newest Version 3 Spa Filter Adapter Kit Here.

Can I use other generic hot tub filters with these kits?

No. The only compatible filters are:

  • V2 Adapter Kit –  Type A filters
  • V3 Adapter Kit  – Unicel T-380 filters

Is this product 3D printed?

Yes. As this is a small side business for our family, this is the only logical and cost focused solution. We use the material “PETG” which is designed to withstand hot tub chemicals including high water temperatures and submersion. That being said, if you experience any product degradation (very unlikely), we will glady replace your spa filter adapters at no cost. (just pay shipping costs)

Will your v3 or v2 Filter Adapter Kit clean better then Arctic Spas pro filters?

With our testing of this adapter kit over the past 2 years we found that our hot tub water was much cleaner, especially since we could manually rinse out our filters when they needed to be cleaned. Your filters will have maximum suction and your filter pump will flow effortlessly.

How often should I clean or replace the T-380 or Type A filters?

Please rinse out your filters after heavy hot tub usage. If just regular hot tub use, please rinse out your filters weekly. I would put brand new filters in every 2 months.

Do you provide installation instructions?

Yes. Please view our comprehensive video installation guide here. Incorrect installation can result in damages, for which assumes no liability.

My Arcitc Spa app says “Filter Not Present”, why is this?

This is because Arctic Spas put RFID chips into the bottom of their pro filters. This simply informs the arctic spa app your stock filters are installed and can remind you to change them. When you install this spa adapter kit with a T-380 or Type A filter, it will clean and function just fine. Just ignore this notice and make sure to clean and change your filters regularly. Please note that the “Filter Not Present” message can also show when the installed proprietary stock pro filters expire, so don’t let this message concern you.

Will this void my Arctic Spa Warranty?

Very unlikely.  Our adapter kit will not damage your hot tub if installed correctly. The only way Arctic Spas will know that you’re using this kit is by being on-site physically with a technician. Sure, they may have their concerns (aka losing money on future filter purchases from you), as we are bypassing their proprietary filters.  That being said you can always remove your adapter kit prior to any service calls and click back in your original stock pro filters.

How much money can your adapter save me?

We get asked this question quite a bit, and the simple answer is thousands of dollars in filter costs. We created a dedicated page to show you the cost savings of using generic filters over Arctis Spa’s proprietary filter. Learn about the Cost Savings here.

Who is responsible for any damages caused by using the filter adapter from

Our filter adapters are designed with the utmost care to be compatible with specific hot tub models. However, the user assumes all risks associated with the installation and use of our products. is not liable for any damages to your hot tub resulting from the use or improper use of our products. Please refer to our Disclaimer for more information.

Can I return the product if I’m not satisfied?

Please refer to our Refunds and Returns Policy for details about returning products. Note that improper use or installation is not a valid reason for returns, as per our Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions.

How do I contact you? I have product or order questions.

Please send an email to If it’s during business hours, we can usually reply within a few hours.

Where do I order a spa filter adapter kit?

You can order your filter adapter kit here. Thanks for your support!