how to clean arctic spas pro filter step 1

How To Clean Your Arctic Spa Pro Filters for 2020 Custom Series Hot Tubs

Arctic Spa Pro Filters were not designed for self-cleaning (unfortunately), but in this picture focused, step-by-step guide, we will show you a work around on how to access the inside of your pro filters so you can attempt to manually clean them yourself.

We strongly recommend buying our Arctic Spa Pro Spa Filter Adapter Kit that allows you to use generic brand filters for easy cleaning and maintenance of your hot tub. This spa filter adapter kit will save you hundreds of dollars on filter costs every year.


Step 1. Remove The Plastic Wrap Around The Filter

The pro filters have a plastic wrap that will need to be cut off with a razor blade or scissors. This will allow you to access the individual filter blocks that make up the complete filter.

how to clean arctic spas pro filter step 1
cut off the plastic labeling wrapped around the filter
how to clean arctic spas pro filter step 2
your filter will look like this with the plastic wrapper removed

Step 2. Pop Off Each Layered Filter Piece

You will need a small flathead screwdriver. Push on each tabbed area shown in the picture below. This will allow you to break down the filter, block by block.

how to clean arctic spas pro filter step 3
using a flatehead screwdriver, push in each of these tabs to release each stacked block
how to clean arctic spas pro filter step 5
the filter blocks should break away and look like this. they will have filters attached to them.

Step 3. Remove the Internal Filters

There should be 5 different internal filters that rest on the internal filter blocks you pulled apart. Slide each one out. Please remember the order of filter colors when you pull them out. Essentially, the most porous filters will start at the top, down to the finest filters.

how to clean arctic spas pro filter step 4
remove all 5 filters from each filter block on dissasembly

Step 4. Clean the 5 Internal Filters

Cleaning these internal filter pieces can be very difficult, as the filter fabric they use is not very porous. Your best bet is to run them under hot water and scrub them as best you can. You can also buy pool or hot tub filter cleaning chemicals on Amazon (such as this one) where you can deep soak them overnight, and then rinse them off the next day.

how to clean arctic spas pro filter step 6
you will have to scrub or deep soak these filters in chemicals

Step 5. Re-Assemble The Filter

Slide back in each of the 5 internal filters within the plastic blocks of your filter. Then stack those blocks with those filters in place. Do not forget to put them back in the color-stacked order when you pulled them out. They should all click in on every stack. You don’t need to worry about the plastic filter wrapper being missing now. The filter will work without this.


That’s it, you’re done… But there is a better solution.

Instead of spending $156 dollars for 2x filters every month or two, you should really consider buying our Arctic Spa Filter Adapter Kit. This allows you to bypass this ridiculous method of cleaning these proprietary filters, which as you can see from reading this guide, is tedious, difficult and not really effective.

Our spa filter adapter kit allows you to bypass the proprietary “ProFilters”, enabling use of generic filters, which, in my opinion, clean better and allow for optimal water flow in your Arctic Spa Hot Tub. Plus, they are very easy to clean. No need to take apart your pro filters anymore! With this kit installed, just reach, pull out your filters, rinse with a hose or faucet, and put your filters back in. That’s it, filters cleaned!

arctic spa pro filter adapter kit
v2 arctic spa pro filter adapter kit with Type A filter installed
Arctic Spa Pro Filter Adapter v3
the newer v3 arctic spa pro filter adapter kit with T-380 filters installed


If you have any questions on filter cleaning, leave us a comment below and we will do our best to answer and help you out!

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